Osiedle „Poza Światem” EN

Osiedle „Poza Światem” EN

We invite you to our Real Estate Office, where you will find apartments in the “Beyond the World” estate.

Our office is ready to provide comprehensive real estate services in this unique residential area.

Thanks to our professionalism and dedication, the process of purchasing an apartment will become easy and comfortable.

Feel free to visit our office:

Triobud Real Estate

ul. Piłsudskiego 40/107, 48-303 Nysa

Anna Spyra

tel. + 48 502 706 199


Kamila Biedroń – Wdowiak

tel. + 48 797 020 859

At our Real Estate Office, we care about your needs and strive to provide the best solutions. Contact us today and start your journey in the magical place “Beyond the World” in Podlesie!