Live in direct proximity to nature

Live in direct proximity to nature

Discover harmony with nature: benefits of living in apartments in Podlesie:

Investment “Beyond the World” –

provides an ideal haven for those who wish to escape the urban hustle and find harmony in the midst of nature. Situated in direct proximity to the Opawskie Mountains Landscape Park and areas covered by the Natura 2000 program, it offers unique experiences associated with the closeness of nature.

City life can be exciting, but sometimes it lacks contact with nature. For those who value harmony with the surrounding environment, apartments with access to green spaces are an ideal solution. We invite you to discover why living in “Beyond the World” apartments can be not only a luxury but also a way to improve the quality of life.

Benefits of living in apartments surrounded by nature:

Oasis of peace and relaxation: Access to green spaces around the apartments positively affects well-being and quality of life, as research shows. Close access to nature also takes care of mental and physical health and reduces stress. Walking among greenery or relaxing outdoors are effective ways to improve health.

Aesthetics and property value: Apartments away from the city noise are not only visually attractive but also gain market value, making them desirable investments for the future.

If you dream of a home that allows you to enjoy greenery every day, explore our offer of apartments. Here, among lush forests and picturesque trails, you can enjoy clean air. Our living spaces are created with the preservation of harmony with the surrounding world in mind, providing daily contact with the beauty of nature that surrounds us. Discover your place in the heart of nature today, where peace and health are an integral part of every day.

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